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What if one simple rule could cut off finance for all new fossil fuel projects?‍

The One-for-One rule will stop banks and insurers fueling the climate crisis, and causing another financial crisis.

what is one for one?

Banks and financial institutions accelerate the climate crisis through financing new fossil fuel projects.


With every one of these investments, financial institutions are also pushing us all closer to another financial crash.


If financial institutions want to gamble with our future, it needs to be with their own money, not ours. For every dollar they invest in fossil fuels, they must use a dollar of their own funds to cover any future losses themselves, rather than rely on government bailouts. 


This simple One-for-One rule will quickly turn fossil fuels into a highly unattractive investment, and effectively stop the financing of new fossil fuel projects.


We are building a global movement to push politicians and central banks to put this simple rule in place.



Join a growing coalition of people and organisations that campaign for this simple rule in countries around the world.

Together we can cut off fossil fuel funding.

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